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Manage a fleet of vehicles? ENGINE GUARD can save you £££

Equipping fleet vehicles with an ENGINE GUARD is a simple business decision- just like regular maintenance, accident insurance or driver training.

It’s an inexpensive way to help prevent a single large expenditure that will quickly erode business profitably. And it’s not just the repair cost- it’s also the lost productivity due to the repair ‘down time’.

Engine Guard is perfect for fleets

Sadly overheating is MOST common in commercially operated vehicles. This can be due to the heavy usage plus commercial vehicles are frequently driven under time pressures. And frankly, contractors or employees may not have the same level of care for the vehicle as a private owner/driver.
Regardless of the size of your fleet, the value proposition of ENGINE GUARD is impressive. The ‘standard’ system can be customized to reduce costs, particularly for large fleets. By using a combination of bulk packaging and clever accessory selection options we can trim all waste out of the purchase and installation of the systems- further enhancing the great value.

CASE STUDY: We have recently supplied a second order for 500 ENGINE GUARD EG01/3 systems to a large taxi company in United Arab Emirates. This fleet is comprised of mostly Toyota Camry 4 cylinder vehicles- and these vehicles are known to be very reliable. However, the most common issues that require significant and expensive repairs are 1. overheating and 2. low oil pressure.

  1. The overheating is generally related to radiator leakage or other gradual coolant loss, and this tends to reach a critical point where engine temperature suddenly ‘spikes’. The factory temperature gauges tend to be unresponsive to small incremental changes- and when the sudden spike occurs, drivers tended to miss the delayed reaction from the factory gauge. This is solved by the ENGINE GUARD. The system can be set to warn the driver at ‘just above normal’ operating temperature. This audible warning is designed to show ANY incremental change that may be a sign of impending catastrophic overheating. The vehicle can then be checked over and any gradual leaks or other faults can be identified.
  2. The low oil pressure issue relates to the OEM materials employed in the harmonic balancer. At higher mileage, the balancer can erode causing a reduction in the size of the oil galleries resulting in blockages. This situation would normally be identified by the low oil pressure warning system. This would normally alert the driver via an illuminated light on the dashboard. However, in a fleet of heavily used taxis navigating busy streets and highways, drivers can miss this critical warning. The solution provided by ENGINE GUARD is to trigger a loud audible warning to augment the factory light. Low oil pressure is a ‘time critical fault’ so shutting down the engine immediately can potentially save thousands in repair costs.

We recognised that the ‘package’ for this large fleet was important to maximise value and efficiency so we customised the systems to suit. Each system had custom length sensor cables and the software was modified to suit the low oil pressure warning system. We also worked with the customer to provide the product in a bulk package with each ‘kit’ readily identified for ease of installation. We also minimised the carton size to reduce freight costs and waste.

CASE STUDY: We were contacted by a mid-size Australian-based service agent for commercial vehicles servicing the mining and other sectors in Western NSW. They were considering ENGINE GUARD for customer vehicles and their own fleet of 50+ service trucks. After a sample trial of the systems to be used as overheating alarms, they started ordering ‘in bulk’ to suit large vehicles in particular. For their customer base, an engine rebuild was not just a large cost BUT in many instances the vehicle down-time created supply chain disruptions that could cost significantly more. For the majority of vehicles, the total cost of the supply and installation of an ENGINE GUARD would be less than the cost of a standard service! That makes the decision a ‘no brainer’- especially when vehicles are operating in 45°c or more day in, day out.

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